1. Go to "Listings", mouse over the particular listing, and click on "View Listing". 
  2. Click on the "Dates" tab. Click on "Add New Dates". You can add as many dates as you like!
  3. Start Dates. Click on the space underneath Start Date to open the calendar widget and then select your date. If you have multiple schedules for this class, click on the right number under "No. of Sessions", for example if you have 3 schedules, one for each week, then select 3 and then under "Frequency" select "Weekly". Quick note: when adding multiple sessions for a date, you shall be able to see "View Full Class Schedules" on listing profile page once clicked.
  4. Start/End Times. Click on the space found under Start Time and End Time and then enter your class times. 
  5. Happy with your dates and times? Click on "Done" to save and proceed with adding your tickets. 

Pro Tip: Before you can accept bookings, you first need to create tickets with your dates. If you’ve created several dates that will use the same set of tickets, add the tickets now to avoid having to later create them piecemeal.

   6. To Edit a date, just click on the pencil icon, which is the "Edit Date" button. Once you're in the Date & Time section, just click the pencil icon again to edit the date & time. To edit the ticket, click the pencil icon again in the ticket settings. Click on "Save".

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