1. Create your course and class dates as usual. In charge options, click to select "Charge in Instalments". This option will charge your customers a deposit upon checkout and then bill them for the balance at a later date.
  2. The default instalment settings are 20% deposit and 80% remaining balance (both to be charged immediately). Click Edit (pencil icon).
  3. Deposit - Name your first instalment and then set the corresponding percentage and schedule. For example: Instalment name: “Deposit”; Percentage: 20%; Schedule: Immediately.
  4. Remaining instalment/s - Name your next instalment and follow the same process as in the previous step. For example: Instalment name: “Second payment”; Percentage: 20%; Schedule: 4 weeks before class starts. TIP: As you update each percentage, a new instalment field will automatically appear up until the Remaining Percentage equals 0% - in other words, when your instalments total 100%.
  5. Happy with your instalment setup? Click Done to save and then proceed with creating your tickets.
  6. Note: customer will have 2 options when paying for the class. They can pay by instalment or they can already pay the full amount for the class.

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