• Allocate tickets to WeTeachMe Marketplace: If you opted in to our Marketing service, you can select the number of tickets you want to be available for booking on the Marketplace.
  • Coupon/Voucher Redemption: If you would like to disable the option to use any coupon codes or course vouchers for this class. 
  • Start Accepting Bookings: Start selling your ticket immediately, days ahead of the class date, or even weeks after class has already started! You can also set the ticket to become available once another ticket has sold out - perfect for early bird offers and similar promotions.
  • Stop Accepting Bookings: Keep taking bookings until the eve of the class date (default setting) or anytime before or when the class starts.  
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Ticket Purchases: Everything’s better with a friend, right? Promote group bookings by setting your minimum purchase to 2 or more. Want to cap individual ticket purchases? You can do that, too.
  • Linked Membership: If you have enabled membership, you can link it to this class.
  • Extra Booking Fields: If this is enabled, you will see this option. Add form fields to collect required information from your customers (for example, age, emergency contact, and so on).
  • Custom Booking Fields: Did you create any custom booking fields? Enable them here. 
  • Linked Merchandise: Want to sell your famous house blend with your coffee class? List your merchandise on WeTeachMe and then link them here, to encourage your customers to throw those extra goodies in their cart before they check out.
  • For all the changes you have made, always remember to click on "Save".

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