Extra Class Info (in Listing Info) is where you can add special details to make your listing completely irresistible. These extra bits of info will help your customers learn more about your listing and help you stand out in our marketplace!


  1. Go to Listings
  2. You can search by class name, Listing Type or Custom Tag. You can also use these multiple options for quicker results.
  3. Once the listing is available, click on it.
  4. Under Listing Info, scroll down to Extra Class Info. You can then add or edit the following sections:
  • Upload more images. Use extra images to tell your customers more about your listing. How about behind-the-scenes pictures from previous classes? Or perhaps, you can showcase some of your past students’ best work. The possibilities are endless! IMPORTANT: Your images will be automatically displayed in a fixed 4:3 ratio. Just make sure to prescribe to the 2MB file size limit.
  • Upload a video. Customers want to learn more about you and what you can offer. If you have a video that shows your past classes or provide added information – like a corporate video that gives an overview about your business – paste here the Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook link so that viewers can play it from within your booking page. Make sure to copy the Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook url link on the web address bar.
  • What will students learn from your class? What will be their top takeaways, if someone enrolls in your class? What makes your listing better than similar classes or workshops?
  • What will students get from your class? Any class handouts or other freebies? They will love the idea that they get to take home tokens and giveaways.
  • Do your students need to bring any materials? Let them know if they need to bring notebooks, pens, textbooks or other resources, so they can come prepared for their first day in your class.
  • Is there a dress code for your class? Do they need to wear particular types of clothing, shoes, or other special gear during the class? For example, if you run cooking classes, you may require students to bring an apron (unless you will provide it).
  • Who is your target audience? Does your listing have an age limit or demand a specific skill level, previous experience, or other prerequisites? List them here. 
  • Would you like to add an extra field? Need to provide additional info that is not on the template? Add them here. For example, you can add a section called “About the Instructor” where you can write a short bio.

    5. Click "Save".

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