1. Go to "Listings". Navigate to the class that you wish to edit and click View Listing (eye icon).
  2. In the "Listing Info" tab, scroll down to "Advanced Settings". Click the pencil icon to start editing.
  3. Toggle the switches to enable or disable options and enter additional information as required. Save your changes.
  • Enable course vouchers. This is course-specific and do not have dates attached to them. They are best sold with classes with repeating dates; please refrain from enabling them in listings with only one-off dates.
  • Enable extra booking fields. Use our predefined booking fields or create your own custom fields to ask customers for extra details. TIP: A popular custom field is: How did you hear about us?
  • Which merchandise items do you want offered during checkout. Enable the option to let your customers add some of your merchandise to their cart.
  • Customise registration instructions and booking confirmation email. Add special registration instructions, set your registration emails to go to the particular staff in charge, or provide extra information and files related to the booking.
  • Customise class reminders. Enable/disable email reminders, include/exclude extra information in/from email reminders, and choose when you want to send your email reminders.
  • Enable Follow up Email. This is a great place to thank your students for attending, provide any follow-up information, or invite them to a relevant class.
  • Promote other classes. Promote your other classes on this listing’s profile - perfect for upselling related classes!
  • Activate GST. Enable this option to make all the prices in the particular listing GST-inclusive. 
  • This is a kids' class. Enable this option to use the appropriate enrolment form for children.

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