There are several ways that you can do cross-selling and upselling on WeTeachMe:

  • Promote Other Classes. Use this feature (in Advanced Settings in the Listing Info tab) to group related classes. These will be displayed at the bottom of the listing’s booking page. See steps below.
  • Registration instructions. Promote related classes in your registration instructions (Advanced Settings in the Listing Info tab). Don’t worry! The original class that they had started to booked will be saved in their shopping cart. 
  • List any discount coupons in your registration instructions. For example, save 10% if you book 2 classes, 15% if you book 3 classes, and so on.


  1. Create a listing as usual and then go to "Advanced Settings" in the Listing Info tab. 
  2. Enable "Promote Other Classes". 
  3. Once enabled, configure this feature and go to Choose below which classes to promote. 
  4. Click on the blank space provided to open a dropdown of your listings.
  5. Click a class to select and promote on this new listing’s class page. TIP: Changed your mind? To remove a class, click on “X” or just click on it again in the dropdown list.
  6. Save your changes. Once saved, the selected classes will be displayed in the More Classes section of the class page.

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