If you run term classes, you can now turn your first-time enrollees into loyal customers, and we've just made the process 100x easier with linked payments!

A linked payment allows you to pre-enrol your student into a future term and bill them automatically, by linking two terms.


  1. Create your term class as usual and then, add your class dates and tickets..
  2. Go to <Linked Payments> (in Listing Management) and click on <Add Linked Payment> (found at the top of the page). This will open a popup window.
  3. In the popup, click on the empty field below Class Name. Use the search field to find the class in which you wish to create a linked payment. 
  4. In the spaces provided, click on the dropdown lists to select the date and ticket that you wish to link. For example, you want to link Term 1 to Term 2. "From Date & Time" and the attached ticket correspond to Term 1; the "To Date & Time" and its ticket refer to Term 2.
  5. In the spaces provided, enter your preferred Payment Due Date. IMPORTANT: The date must be in this format: DD-MM-YYYY. 
  6. Save your changes. 

And you're done! Your new linked payment will now be displayed in the Linked Payments section.

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