You can manually enroll a customer anytime by going to either Class List or Attendees (in Management) or on the Dashboard (in Reporting). 

  1. In either Class List or Attendees, click on New Enrolment (located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen). 
  2. Select Class. Select the listing, date/time, ticket, and quantity to be purchased. Save your changes. TIP: You can enrol a customer in as many classes as necessary. Just click on Add Another Class and enter the required information.
  3. Attendees. Click to select New Attendee or Existing Attendee (if they’ve attended one of your classes) and then fill in the required information. Also you have the option either to add a membership or not. 
  4. Multiple Attendees. If you are going to enrol multiple attendees, you have the option to Add a new attendee or Copy the previous attendee details. Notes that on the 3rd attendee and succeeding attendees, the system will only copy the first attendee details. Once done, click on "Save and Continue".
  5. Merchandise. If you wish to add merchandise to the enrolment, click on Add Merchandise. Select the name of the attendee in the dropdown list and fill in the details. Save your changes.
  6. Coupon Code. Does the attendee have a gift voucher or discount coupon? Enter the code here and then click on Apply Code.
  7. Full Amount. By default, the full ticket fee and today’s date are displayed here. You may also accept a deposit or partial payment. Just toggle the Log outstanding amount switch and then enter the initial and outstanding amounts and their respective due dates. Save your changes.
  8. Billing. Check the billing information for accuracy and then select the payment method. Choose from: 

        - Online - to charge your customer’s credit card
        - Offline - to accept payment in cash. Just click the drop down arrow under the               "Select Payment Option" section and choose Cash.
Email - to invoice your customer by email. The system will send a notification                email with an online payment link for payment.     


  • Credit card payments on WeTeachMe are processed by Stripe, one of Australia’s best and most trusted online credit card processing solutions. It is Stripe, and not WeTeachMe, that stores all the credit card information that you or your customers provide during the transaction. 
  • When logging a payment via credit card, if you have been authorised by the          customer to save their card information for future payments, make sure to tick on  the corresponding box to confirm. 

   8. Finally, tick the Terms and Conditions box and save your changes.

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