1. Go to "Class List" (in the Management section). Use the filters to view by class name and/or by date range (min date to max date). You may use multiple filters to make the job even easier.
  2. Mouse over the target listing and click on "Send Email" (envelope icon). This will open a popup window.
  3. In the popup, fill in the email subject and body. In both these fields, you can use these tags: {FIRSTNAME}, {LASTNAME}, {CLASS_NAME}, and {CLASS_DATE}. Your customers’ respective individual details will be automatically supplied in your email. 
  4. Do you wish to first send a test email to yourself? Just tick on the box beside "Only Send to {your email address}". 
  5. Check your inbox. 
  6. Happy with the test email? Untick the same "Only Send" option in the previous step and then, click on Send Email to send the message to your attendees.

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