If you’ve integrated WeTeachMe into your website and are already using tags to group your listings, you may also use them to restrict user access. (If you’ve already added your team members on your WeTeachMe account, jump into the user’s individual settings to edit and skip to Step 4 below.)


  1. Go to your "Add-Ons" list (in Settings). Make sure Multiple Users is enabled.
  2. Go to "Users" (in Settings) and then click on "Add User" (located at the top of the page). 
  3. Fill in the form with the user’s data: First name, Last name, Email.
  4. Location. Start typing a suburb keyword and then select one from the suggested locations in the list. This is perfect for class providers that operate in different venues.
  5. Password. Leave this blank and the system will generate a password. The user can always change this upon first login.
  6. Permissions. Tick to enable any of the features in the list to give access to the user. TIP: You may enable/disable permissions for any user at any time. By default, all your users will always be able to do the following: See all active courses and events. View basic booking information. Access a restricted My Transactions view.
  7. Tags. In the space provided, simply enter the tag you wish to apply on this user and then click to select. TIP: Changed your mind? To remove a tag, click on “X” or just click on it again in the dropdown list.
  8. Send notification. Simply select Yes to notify the user by email that you’ve added them on your WeTeachMe account.
  9. Save your changes.

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