1. First, make sure to update your listing with the correct location. If you’ve already done so, you can skip to Step 7 below.
  2. Go to "Listings" (in Listing Management). Use the filters to view listings by Class Name, Tag Name, Listing Type, or Min Date/Max Date.  TIP: Use multiple filters to make the job even easier.
  3. Navigate to the listing that you wish to edit. Click on "View Listing" (eye icon).
  4. In the Listing Info tab, navigate to "Basic Info" and then click on the pencil icon to open.
  5. Scroll down to the location field. 
  6. Have you already added your new location? Click on the dropdown options to open the list and then use the list or search field to find your new location. Click on it to select.
  7. If you haven’t added the new address yet, click on "Add New Location". Enter your venue details and then click on "Save Location" when done.
  8. Save your listing changes.
  9. Next, go to "Locations" (in Settings). Use the filters to view your locations by name.
  10. Navigate to the location that you wish to edit. Click on "Delete Location" (trash bin icon).
  11. In the popup window, click on "Delete Location".

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