Upon signing up with WeTeachMe, nominate the bank where you wish your earnings to be deposited, to ensure timeliness in withdrawing your funds.

You can update your banking details anytime, by going to your "Company Settings" (under Settings in the left-hand side menu). From there, simply navigate to "Payment Settings" and click on the pencil icon to start editing the following information. 


To add your nominated bank, simply add the following information:

  1. Bank Name. Click on the dropdown options to open the list and then use the list or search field to find your preferred bank. Click on it to select. (If you don’t see your bank in the list, please contact Customer Support at support@weteachme.com or use our live chat function to speak with one of our Support staff. Live chat is available during office hours on weekdays, except on public holidays.
  2. Account Name. Enter the same name that you use to access your bank account. 
  3. BSB. If you don’t know your your bank’s BSB (Bank-State-Branch) Number, call your bank or do a search online.
  4. Account Number
  5. Click on "Save".

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