You sure can. Once enabled on your account, a tax invoice/receipt will be attached as a PDF in all customer notifications (order confirmation, refund confirmation, and additional charge confirmation emails) and, for your own records, in the corresponding order notification. 


  1. Go to your Add-Ons (in Settings). Enable this option: PDF Tax Invoice.
  2. Once enabled, you have to configure this feature. First, select Company  or Individual/Sole Trader .
  3. Enter all the required details on the form, which will then be displayed on your tax invoice.
  4. At the end of the form, you have the option to enable GST on all your listings, by ticking the box provided. (Alternatively, you can enable it instead by individual listing.)
  5. Save your changes.

For your convenience, you may also see the tax invoice/receipt on your dashboard:

  1. Go to Orders (in Finance) and use the filters to find the specific order. Choose from: Customer Name, Email, Status (completed, pending, cancelled), or range of dates. TIP: Use multiple filters to make the job even easier.
  2. Navigate to the order that you wish to view and then click on View Order (order ID). (Alternatively, you may also click on the icon located in the far right end of the row.)
  3. In the order page, navigate to Payment Activity and mouse over the order record. 
  4. Click on the envelope icon to send or resend the confirmation email to the attendee, with the attached PDF Tax Invoice.

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