1. Go to "Coupons" (in Marketing). Click on "Add Coupon" (located at the top of the page).
  2. Class. Click to open the dropdown list or use the search box to find the class. For universal coupons (i.e., will apply across all classes), leave this blank.
  3. Date. Click to open the dropdown list or use the search box to find the date. For universal coupons (i.e., will apply across all dates), leave this blank.
  4. Code. Enter the code in the space provided.  
  5. Value. Enter the discount amount here. If instead of a fixed amount you wish to apply the discount as a percentage of the ticket price, enable the Discount Percentage Option.


       Instalment payment option - The discount will be automatically applied to each             instalment payment. For example, customer will get 5% on the 1st instalment                 payment, 5% on the 2nd instalment payment etc.

       Recurring charge option - The discount will only be applied automatically on the           1st payment and not on the succeeding payments, but customer will still have an           option to apply the discount code when paying for the recurring charge.

       Also please take note that if you will set your payment options to Instalment or             Recurring charges, make sure that you set the coupon expiry date to open, this             will allow the system to continuously apply the discount to each payment.

    6. Expiry Date. Enter a valid expiry date in this format: DD/MM/YYYY.
7. Usage Limit. Do you wish to limit the number of times that the coupon can be               redeemed? Enter the number here.
    8. Click on "Save Coupon".
9. Edit Coupon. To edit just click on the coupon code or the pencil icon at the far              right side of the coupon code.
    10. Make your changes and click on "Save Coupon".

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