1. Go to your "Add-Ons" list (in Settings) and enable the "Merchandise" option.
  2. Next, go to "Orders" (in Finance) and use the filters to find the specific order.
  3. Navigate to the order that you wish to edit and then click on View Order (order ID). Alternatively, you may also click on the icon located in the far right end of the row.
  4. In the Cart Summary, navigate to the lower right portion and click on "Add Merchandise".
  5. Select Attendee. In the popup window, open the dropdown list and then click to select the customer’s name.
  6. Merchandise List. Click on "Add Merchandise" and then open the dropdown list. Find the merchandise using either the search box or the list, and then click to select the item. TIP: Made a mistake? To deselect, click on the trash bin beside the merchandise.
  7. Quantity and Subtotal. Use the dropdown list to select the quantity. Based on the number selected,  the corresponding charge will be automatically computed. (If you wish to change this, enter the desired amount in the space provided.) 
  8. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for every new merchandise that you wish to add.
  9. Tick the corresponding box to charge the customer for the cost of the merchandise. If the customer’s card information has not been stored, the system will instead send a pending payment reminder. 
  10. To complete the process, click on "Add Merchandise". You may view this update in the Activity section for tracking.

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