1. Go to "Orders" (in Finance) and use the filters to find the specific order, by customer name, email, status, and range of dates. You can use multiple filters to make the job even easier.
  2. Navigate to the order that you wish to edit and then click on View Order (order ID). Alternatively, you may also click on the icon located in the far right end of the row.
  3. In "Payment Activity", navigate to the original transaction and then click on "Process a Refund" (redo icon). This will open a popup window.
  4. Amount to Refund. By default, the maximum amount available for refund will be displayed here. If you wish to change this (such as to process just a partial refund), enter the desired amount in the space provided.
  5. Do you also wish to cancel the attendee’s spot in class? Tick the box beside their name and then add an internal note in the space provided, if needed.
  6. Review the details for accuracy, as this action cannot be undone. 
  7. Click on "Process Refund". You may view this update in the Activity section for tracking.

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