1. Go to "Orders" (in Finance) and use the filters to find the specific order. Choose from: Customer Name, Email, Status (completed, pending, cancelled), or range of dates. You can use multiple filters to make the job even easier.
  2. Navigate to the order that you wish to view and then click on View Order (order ID). Alternatively, you may also click on the icon located in the far right end of the row.
  3. On the Order page, the overview at the top of the page shows your total earnings from the order and whether the customer has paid in full or still has a balance.
  4. Cart Summary. View your customer’s contact details and access additional features using More Actions (options menu with three vertical dots). TIP: You may click on the customer’s name to view their full profile. You may click on the class title to view the full details of the listing.
  5. Add Merchandise. Did your customer forget to buy merchandise during booking? Manually add it here.
  6. Payment Activity. View your customer’s payment status here. Click on the corresponding icons to process a refund, send the confirmation email to your customer, or view the PDF invoice. 
  7. Billing Info. View and edit your customer’s billing details here.
  8. Activity. Track any actions taken inside the Order page. A filter is also provided so you can view activities by specific user or type of activity.
  9. Edit. Click on Edit Details (pencil icon) for any details you would like to update. Remember to click on "Save" when done.

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