1. Go to "Orders" (in Finance). To find specific orders, you may filter your search by: 
  • Customer Name. You can use their first name, last name, or both.
  • Email Address
  • Status.  Choose from: Completed, Pending, and Cancelled.
  • Min Date and Max Date. Click on the space provided and use the calendar widget to select the start and end dates of your desired range.

     2. The order list gives you a quick view of your most recent bookings, including details like:

  • Customer Name and Email Address
  • Order ID, Date and Time
  • Amount Paid and Booking Fee
  • Payment ID and Status

      3. To view the full details of an order, navigate to it in the list and then click on View Order (order ID). Alternatively, you may also click on the icon located in the far right end of the row.

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