Once you’ve added items to your list of merchandise, you can start to offer them with your listings. TIP: Best to add your merchandise before you even create your classes, so that you can add them quickly as you create your tickets. 


  1. "In Listing Management", go to the listing that you wish to edit. Click on the pencil icon to start editing.
  2. In the Listing Info tab, scroll to "Advanced Settings". Click on the pencil to open this section for editing.
  3. Make sure this advanced option is enabled: Which merchandise items do you want offered during checkout?
  4. Scroll further down the page and go to this option: Choose below which merchandise items to be available during checkout.

You now have two options. You may either: 

  • Enable "Offer everything" to display all your merchandise at checkout OR 
  • Offer only specific merchandise.

   5. To offer only some of your merchandise, leave "Offer everything" disabled and then click on the space provided to open the dropdown list.

   6. In the list, click to select the merchandise. 

Pro Tip: You can add as many types of merchandise per ticket as you wish. WeTeachMe charges a booking fee for each item.

   7. Make sure to save your changes.

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