1. If your Membership option is not yet enabled, please send us an email at
  2. Go to Memberships (in Management). Click on Add Membership. This will open a popup window.
  3. Name. Name your membership offer (ex. VIP Member). 
  4. Price. Add the price to be charged for membership. Tick on the GST option if it is already included in the price.
  5. Charge options. Click to select Charge in Instalments. This option will charge your customers a deposit upon checkout and then bill them for the balance at a later date.
  6. The default instalment settings are 20% deposit and 80% remaining balance (both to be charged immediately). Click on Edit (pencil icon).
  7. Deposit. Name your first instalment and then set the corresponding percentage and schedule. For example: Instalment name: “Deposit”; Percentage: 20%; Schedule: Immediately.
  8. Remaining instalment/s. Name your next instalment and follow the same process as in the previous step. For example: Instalment name: “Second payment”; Percentage: 20%; Schedule: 4 weeks before class starts. TIP: As you update each percentage, a new instalment field will automatically appear up until the Remaining Percentage equals 0% - in other words, when your instalments total 100%. 
  9. Happy with your instalment setup? Click on Done to save and then proceed with creating your tickets.

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