Pending payments (such as for instalments and recurring charges) are charged based on how you set up your tickets. On the due date, the platform will try to charge your customer via their original payment method. 

If the charging fails, the platform will try charging again two days later, followed by a third and final attempt one week from the original due date.

What can cause a charge to fail?

  • Credit card has expired.
  • Credit card limit has been reached.
  • Original payment was offline (i.e., payment made in cash).

Whenever a payment fails, both you and the attendee will receive an email notification. The attendee's email will contain a link to page where they can settle the amount.

Example scenario
A payment is due and charged on 10th March. If unsuccessful, the system will try again on 12th March. If the second attempt fails, the customer will be charged again on 17th March. 

After the third failed attempt, please contact the attendee directly. 

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