The WeTeachMe Marketing Program is a payment-on-success-only initiative that includes listing on and promotion via WeTeachMe newsletters, social media channels, advertising partnerships, and more.

What does payment-on-success-only mean?

This means we will not charge you unless we deliver a confirmed booking. In other words, we only charge 20% of the ticket price, if a customer books a ticket from WeTeachMe (a "confirmed booking").

How do I know whether it is my customer or a WeTeachMe customer? 

On your dashboard, you will see every marketplace sale clearly marked with a shop icon, as shown here.

This will make it easy for you to reconcile your records and better appreciate the benefits of opting in to our Marketing Program.

You can also generate a report to display the orders that were placed via the marketplace or outside of the marketplace.

Can I pick and choose the tickets to opt into the Marketing Program?

You can choose to earmark just a portion of your tickets for the Marketing Program, so that you can test it out and see how well our offer works for you. 

HOWEVER, if you created your own account on or after 22nd August 2019, your classes are automatically opted in to our Marketing Program and cannot be opted out.

Can I opt out of the WeTeachMe Marketing Program? 

We strongly encourage vendors to come on board. However, if you don’t wish to participate, you can opt-out the tickets that you don't want included in the program.

What happens if a ticket is opted out?

You will still maintain a presence on WeTeachMe and your classes will continue to be displayed. However, people will not be able to see your opted-out tickets from our site and therefore, will not be able to book via WeTeachMe. That said, they can still go to your mini booking site and book from there.

I didn’t opt in my ticket, why was I charged the marketing fee?

Every single action taken in your listings is recorded in the Activity tab. If someone from your team opted in a ticket, you will see the person’s details and the timestamp for the activity.

I opted out of the Marketing Program. Why are my tickets showing on the marketplace?

Every opt-out request we receive is on record and processed as soon as possible. If there has been a mistake, let us know and your Account Manager will give you a call to sort it out.

My customer booked through WeTeachMe by mistake, so I shouldn't be charged the marketing fee.

Regardless of whether a customer is new to the platform or has made previous bookings, the marketing fee applies to every transaction that occurs on the marketplace. 

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