Let's say you teach a craft workshop that runs for 3 weeks. You can use the Class Schedule to display the specific dates and times, to help your students plan their attendance accordingly.


  1. Go to your existing listing or create a new listing as usual.
  2. Go to the Dates tab and click on Add New Dates.
  3. In the spaces provided, add your new date, start time, and end time.
  4. No. of sessions. Update the number of sessions. (In the example above, your number of sessions is "3".) The Frequency field will now be displayed. 
  5. Frequency. Update the frequency accordingly. (In the example above, your frequency is "weekly".) The Class Sessions field will now be displayed. 
  6. Class sessions. Add the three dates and their respective start and end times.
  7. Click on Done.
  8. Add your tickets as usual.
  9. Save your changes.

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