The WeTeachMe website is optimised for online visibility, to make it easier for search engines like Google to find and rank it accordingly. Because of this built-in SEO feature, our vendors are able to access new audiences and increase market reach. Occasionally, vendors might even find their WeTeachMe profiles and listings ranked higher by Google, outperforming their own websites. 

Maximise your gains by opting into the WeTeachMe Marketing Program, a payment-on-success-only initiative* that includes listing on and promotion via WeTeachMe newsletters, social media channels, advertising partnerships, and more. (Learn more about the program. Also check out the marketing fee FAQs.)

We’ve made the opt-in process as flexible as possible, to suit your unique marketing needs.

Here's an example

Let’s say you have a new class coming up and a week or two before it starts, you notice that you haven’t sold out all your tickets. WeTeachMe allows you to opt in at the most granular level possible: You can allocate as many or as few tickets as you like, even for just a specific class date.

Two important things to remember

  • This opt-in process is completely transparent. The activity report on your dashboard shows the party responsible for opting-in your tickets, as well as the timestamp.
  • WeTeachMe earns the marketing fee only when you sell a ticket on the marketplace. We don’t charge anything upfront.
  • You can opt out** entirely from our marketing service. No questions asked.

*The WeTeachMe Marketing Program is a payment-on-success-only initiative. This means we will not charge you unless we deliver a confirmed booking. In other words, we only charge 20% of the ticket price, if a customer books a ticket from WeTeachMe (a "confirmed booking").

** If you created your own account on or after 22nd August 2019, your classes are automatically opted in to our Marketing Program and cannot be opted out.

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