1. Go to Balance (in Finance). 
  2. Navigate to the filters at the top of the page. Click in the Transaction dropdown list and select Refund.
  3. To print the list, navigate to the table header and open More Actions (options menu with three vertical dots). Click on Export as CSV.
  4. In the popup window, tick the More Options box if you wish to include the following details in the CSV report: Billing Name, Billing Email, Class Tags, Order Items. Otherwise, the report will include only the following default values.*
  5. Happy with your CSV report setup? Click on Download CSV.  

*The report default values are:

  • Order ID and Description
  • Subtotal Amount, Booking Fee, and Total Amount
  • Transaction Date and Time
  • Payment Type (online or offline)
  • Transaction Type (payment, refund, transfer, withdraw, and subscription)
  • Status of Transaction

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