Reminder emails will resend the same extra information from your booking confirmation email. If you've already uploaded your attachments there, skip to Step 6. 


  1. Go to "Listings" (in Listing Management). Use the filters to view listings by class name, tag name, listing type, or range of dates. TIP: Use multiple filters to make the job even easier. 
  2. Navigate to the class that you wish to edit/update and click on the title to start editing.
  3. In the next view, "Listing Info", click on "Advanced Settings" to open your options. 
  4. Enable this setting: Customise registration instructions and the booking confirmation email. Then click on "Configure".
  5. Scroll down to Item 4. Click on Upload PDF to attach your file. You can attach up to 3 pdfs (up to 2MB per file only). These PDF files will send once payment is confirmed.
  6. Enable this setting: Customise class reminders.
  7. Once enabled, scroll down and enable this option: Do you want to include extra information from the booking confirmation email, in the reminder email too?
  8. Click on "Save".

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