WeTeachMe promotes classes and workshops through our usual channels: WeTeachMe homepage, curated collections, blog, social media, and weekly newsletters. We also offer amazing advertising partnerships.

If you haven't opted in to the WeTeachMe Marketing Program, email us now or simply click on the chat button on this page. We'll get you set up in minutes!

Every week, we update our homepage carousels with a fresh set of featured classes:

  • Popular Classes: Listings with the most number of recent bookings and/or positive reviews.
  • Amazing Deals: Listings that offer special discounts and promotions.
  • New Classes: Listings recently published on our marketplace.

Curated collections
We make it even easier for learners to find interesting classes and workshops by curating special collections around specific themes, such as holidays (like Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, for example), categories (dessert classes, exotic cooking classes, sustainability classes, and the like), customer profile (kids, teens, and so on), and other areas of interest.

Blog Promotion
For extra promotion, all three types of content listed below are pushed out on our weekly newsletters and through our social media accounts.

  • Vendor feature. Based on a scheduled interview via phone, Skype, or email, WeTeachMe crafts a spotlight Q&A-style feature on a specific vendor. This usually talks about what inspires the vendor about their craft, how they got started in teaching, what they offer in their classes and workshops, and so on.
  • Editorial: Usually written in listicle format, WeTeachme identifies a different theme each week and selects related classes to feature. 
  • Fresh Picks: We encourage all vendors to submit their own content - anything from company profiles and new class announcements to special event invites and life hack tutorials. As long as the article is well-written and comes with a fantastic set of photos, we are more than glad to publish your submissions.

Social Media Campaigns
On special occasions and holidays, we partner with select vendors to run sales promotion campaigns, mainly via our Facebook and Instagram accounts. This can take the form of a contest, coupon promotion, giveaway, or other type of below-the-line strategy.

Our Marketing Team also accommodate requests for class-specific marketing and announcements. 

Whenever you or your classes are featured, you will be tagged in the post so that you can share the good news with your friends and followers.

Newsletter Promotion
Newsletters are sent out at around noon every Friday to our subscribers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, and monthly to fortnightly to Adelaide.

WeTeachMe will handpick upcoming classes to feature but we are also happy to accommodate timely requests for promotion sent via our Helpdesk (at least one week ahead of the newsletter issue). 

TIP: If you wish to be notified when one of your classes has been featured, please subscribe to your city's newsletter via https://weteachme.com/. (Note: You need to subscribe using a different email address from the one you use on your vendor account.)

Advertising Partnership
Do you want to be featured in a premium spot on the newsletter and get marketing support on ALL our marketing channels? YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

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