1. Go to "Listing Dates" (in Listing Management) and use the filters to find the particular date. 
  2. Mouse over the date where you wish to offer a free trial option and click "Edit Date". 
  3. Click on "Add Tickets".
  4. Ticket Name: Enter your ticket name, for this one, Free Trial
  5. Ticket Type: Choose Discount Ticket.
  6. Quantity: How many free trial tickets do you want to offer? Enter the number          here.
  7. Price: Enter $0.00.
  8. Additional Options: 
  • You may disable gift voucher redemption at the ticket level. Just toggle the switch. 
  • Is this ticket for your eyes only? Toggle the Internal Ticket option to restrict it to your team’s use and hide it from public view.
  • Would you rather not promote this ticket on WeTeachMe? Toggle the switch to opt out the ticket from our amazing marketing services.

     9.  Advanced Settings  

  • Bookable Periods: Control when you want to start and stop accepting bookings. You may also make one of your other tickets available once the free trial tickets have sold out.
  • Set the number of tickets a customer can buy per transaction. 
  • Enable the extra booking fields that you want to add in the checkout process. 
  • If you created any custom booking fields, you can enable them here. 
  • If you added any items to your list of merchandise, link them here so that customers can add to their cart upon checkout.

     10. Total Tickets Available: Let’s say you want to cap your total ticket sales at only           10 pieces and you’ve set up three types of tickets, each with 10 available spots.             "Total Tickets Available" is now showing 30 (10 pieces x 3 ticket types)

        To avoid getting overbooked, simply update Total Tickets Available to 10. 

     11. Save your changes.

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