if you want the Linked Merchandise option enabled, please send an email to

On your Dashboard, you will need to also enable the Merchandise feature in your list of Add-Ons (in Settings) and then create your list of merchandise

Once you’ve created your dates and tickets, you will have to add merchandise to each individual ticket.


  1. Have you created your dates and tickets? Go to the "Dates" tab now.
  2. Mouse over the date that in which you wish to add merchandise and then click on "Edit Date" (pencil icon).
  3. In the Dates & Ticketing view, navigate to the ticket in which you wish to add merchandise. Click on "Edit" (pencil icon).
  4. Scroll further down the ticket view and click on "Show Advanced Settings".
  5. In the advanced settings, scroll down to "Linked Merchandise" and click on "Add Linked Merchandise".
  6. Select Merchandise. Click to open the dropdown list or use the search box to find the merchandise. Click to select the merchandise. 

Pro Tip: You can add as many types of merchandise per ticket as you wish. WeTeachMe charges a booking fee for each item.

    7. In the spaces provided, enter the minimum and maximum quantity per purchase, respectively. The quantity pertains to the amount that you wish to sell with each ticket. 

    8. Happy with your merchandise setup? Click on "Done".

    9. "Save" on your changes. 

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