1. Create a new listing and dates as usual.
  2. Once your new date is up, select a charge option. Choose from: Full Amount, Instalment Charges, and Recurring Charges.
  3. To create a bring-a-friend ticket, start by naming your ticket. ("Bring-A-Friend ticket" or "You and a Friend" are common.)
  4. Next, select a ticket type. Choose "Special Offer". (This label will be displayed on the class booking page.)
  5. Optional: Add a ticket description in the space provided, if you think it requires some explanation. (This will be displayed on the booking page, near the ticketing area.)
  6. Enter the number of tickets in the space provided.
  7. Do you want your ticket showing on the WeTeachMe marketplace and get a boost on our marketing channels (newsletter, social media, etc.)? Make sure to tick this option: Promote this ticket via WeTeachMe Marketing. 20% fee will apply.
  8. Enter your ticket price in the space provided.
  9. If you offer coupons and course vouchers and don't want them used on your discounted tickets, toggle the options to disable redemption.
  10. Do you want the ticket for internal use only? Toggle the option, so that only and your team can see and process this ticket.
  11. Select your preference for the start/stop dates for booking this ticket.
  12. IMPORTANT: In Tickets allowed per transaction, make sure your minimum is set to 2 tickets. Otherwise. anyone can buy a discounted ticket even if flying solo!
  13. Enter the maximum tickets allowed per transaction. 
  14. Click on Done.
  15. Create the rest of your tickets, if any, and save your changes.

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