1. Sign up for a Free Zapier account.
  2. Then go to and click the 'Make a Zap' button on the right top of the page!
  3. Below 'Select Trigger App', choose 'Webhooks'.
  4. Select 2nd Radio button 'Catch Hook' and click 'Save + Continue'.
  5. On the 'Set up Webhooks by Zapier' , 'Hook' page click the 'Continue' button and go to the test step, you will see a URL and copy it. Do Not Click the 'OK, I did this' button.
  6. Now login to the WeTeachMe dashboard. Go to 'Company Settings' - last menu item on the left hand side.  Open 'Webhook' . Copy the URL to the attendee webhook and tick the checkbox.(p.s. do not save right now).
  7. Then go back to Zapier press the 'OK, I did this' button. Go back to the WTM Dashbaord and then press the 'save'.
  8. Now, you will see test successful on the Zapier. Click the 'View your hook' link to see the attendee information.
  9. Click the 'Continue' button. Then set the action on within Zapier. Let us choose MailChimp as an example, select  'Add/Update subscriber'. Then choose which MailChimp account you want to connect.
  10. Set up the template, then you can choose to use which fields to fill in the template. For example, we want to use the email from the attendee to fill in the "Subscriber Email".
  11. If you want to test it (for this example, you need to go back to the template and use the real email as the Subscriber Email), you will see the new subscriber use the test data. Remember to change the Subscriber Email back to the previous setting, continue and Skip Test
  12. Click 'Finish' and Name zap and turn it on.
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