1. On the Dashboard Menu located at the left part of the page, scroll down to "Management" and clicked on "Vouchers".
  2. In the Voucher section, click on "New Vouchers". You will be asked to enter the details needed for the voucher. There are 2 options to choose from:
  • Gift Voucher - a dollar value voucher that applies to everything.
  • Course Voucher - a voucher that applies to a specific class only

   3. After selecting what type of voucher to create, you will also be asked on the                 recipient's first name and last name, value amount of the voucher, email                         address to send it to, delivery date and the message to the recipient. Then click           "Save".
   4. Under the "Coupons & Price Adjustment", this is where you will enter the price to          be paid for the Voucher. If this is just a Voucher for an existing booking, then you          can just skip this section.
   5. You also have to enter the details under the "Billing" section. Enter the first name,         last name and email address of the person who purchased the Voucher.
   6. Under "Payment Options", Select "Offline", this is if payment has been made.
   7.  Once all details are complete, click on "Submit".
   8. Note: Don't forget to cancel the current booking of the customer in your class. 

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