The last thing you want to be left with on the day your class/event starts are unsold tickets. To prevent this from happening: 

  1. Our system will detect any unsold tickets for classes/events that will commence in three (3) days. 
  2. This will trigger an email to you offering to “opt-in” your remaining tickets into our Marketing Program. This means we will strategically promote and spread the word about your class/event through the WeTeachMe Marketplace, blog posts, and social media. Note: that any tickets sold by WeTeachMe will be charged a 20% success fee. 

    3. When you click the “opt-in” button in the email, you will be led to another page            confirming that your remaining unsold tickets have been included in the                        Marketplace. 

     4. In case you change your mind about opting-in, simply click the  “opt-out” button,           or visit the Dashboard to reset your ticket settings. Once you opt out this                       notification message will appear 

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