If you’ve seen our weekly consumer newsletter, you may have noticed something new and awesome: GIVEAWAY CONTESTS!

Our contests are a strategy in smart referral marketing. The goal is to create awareness about you, our vendors, especially to learners outside of our usual subscriber base. 

Let's say you have X number of people on your mailing list. How can you get them to actively refer your business to their friends?

Our contest feature allows you to double your signup rate in the most hassle-free way. Here’s how it works:

  • We set up the contest on the platform. A typical campaign will run for two weeks (or longer).
  • We provide all the content and graphics for the signup form, newsletter, blog, and social media.
  • We give you an html code so you can embed the contest on your website. Just share the link on your networks and watch the signups flow through!
  • We share the good news on WeTeachMe's own newsletter mailing list, thus, increasing your referral sources.

If you wish to participate, all we ask are: 

  • A minimum of two tickets for the raffle - or more, if you want your campaign to have more impact
  • Some marketing support on your own mailing list and marketing channels for the duration of the activity

Outside of these free tickets to give away, there is no other cost to you.

If it’s a good idea for your promotion, we can talk about bringing in other vendors for a group offer. We can even reach out to third-party participants to make it extra exciting. Let’s say you run painting classes, we can:

  • Contact media sites and relevant partners to help market on their website and database.
  • Contact arts and crafts supply stores near you about sponsorship (e.g., gift  voucher).

At the end of the promo period, we will:

  • Share with you the signup database.
  • Use any photo/video assets taken on the day by the winners themselves to run some post-event marketing. This may include a feature on the WeTeachMe blog, a spot on the newsletter, and social media posts.

Besides contest-specific promos like this, we are also happy to attend select classes, where we can take photos and videos to feature on the blog, newsletter, and social media (ex. IGTV). If you want us to cover an upcoming class, let us know. 

To learn more, contact our Marketing Team through the chat app below or email us at marketing@weteachme.com.

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