Do you run a loyalty program or members club for your business? Fantastic! We all know that members make the best clients: They cost less to keep, are easier to sell to, and will even do your marketing for you!

Make the most out of our Membership feature and take your program to the next level!

NOTE: To set up the Membership feature, you must have access to VIP Add-Ons. If you can only see Basic Add-Ons on your dashboard, chat with us or email

How can I sell membership on my WeTeachMe account? Students can pay for their membership fee on your booking site ( Great news: This can be a standalone purchase. In other words, users don't have to book a class to add the membership fee to their shopping cart.

If the student is not yet an existing member, they will be prompted during booking to become a member.

Can I offer membership on the WeTeachMe marketplace ( 

Not at the moment. This feature is currently exclusive on your booking site (

Can members book on the WeTeachMe marketplace (

YES. As long as you've opted-in your special-rate member tickets on the WeTeachMe marketplace, your members can purchase them there. (Learn about opting-in via the WeTeachMe Marketing Program.)

Can I offer incentives by membership level?
For now, vendors may offer only one membership type on their account. For example, if your program has several tiers (Basic, VIP, and so on), you can pick only one to offer on WeTeachMe. We suggest the tier that has the most members.

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