Make the most out of our Membership feature and take your program to the next level! Here, you will learn how to start selling memberships alongside your classes on WeTeachMe and grow your existing base, with no extra effort or additional cost. (Learn more about our Membership feature.)

NOTE: To set up the Membership feature, you must have access to VIP Add-Ons. If you can only see Basic Add-Ons on your dashboard, chat with us or email to request activation. 

Once Membership is enabled, just follow these easy steps to configure the feature on your account:


  1. Log into your dashboard. Navigate to Settings and then, click on Add-Ons. 
  2. Scroll down to the VIP Section and click on Membership. On your right-hand side, toggle the button beside Configure to start setting up your membership. (The button should turn green when enabled.)
  3. Start configuring your membership. You can edit the following details:
  4. Membership Name. Name your membership program or plan. TIP: Enter the same name you use for your program on your site or database, to aid recall and also avoid confusion.
  5. Membership Price. Enter your membership fee amount in the space provided. If the price includes GST, tick the box provided.
  6. Successive price (optional), Encourage your members to renew year after year by offering a discounted rate on Year 2 onwards. Leave this blank if you want to charge new and existing members the same membership price. Example: If Membership Price is $100 for new members, you can charge only $90 for renewals.  
  7. Membership credits (optional). As a bonus to members, you can offer credits every time they pay their membership fee. They can then apply the credit as a dollar discount on their order. Leave the space blank if you prefer not to offer credits. Learn more about membership credits or find out how credits work for your members. One (1) credit equals 1 dollar. Example: If you want to offer a $5 discount for every membership fee paid, put 5 in the space provided; 10 for a $10 discount; and so on.  
  8. What will members get? Do you offer any freebies or other incentives? List them all here! Use an individual field to list one benefit. Add a new field by clicking on the plus-sign (+) to the right of the field.
  9. How does your membership work? Explain the mechanics of your membership program here (maximum of 500 characters).
  10. Describe your membership program. Provide any important information here - incentives/benefits of being a member, opportunities offered, and so on.
  11. Charge options. Is your membership price a one-time fee or a recurring charge? If recurring, choose your preferred payment frequency from the list. Choices include: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and so on.
  12. Enable extra booking fields. Do you want to set up your own membership form on WeTeachMe? Maybe you can use this feature to replace your manual data collection process! Learn how in this resource: Can I create my own membership signup form?
  13. Finally, review your membership setup and save your changes.

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