Emails can be a powerful tool to help turn your first-time students into loyal customers. This can be a quick thank-you note, a reminder about when they can pick up their finished artwork, a guide to additional resources, suggestions on what they can book next, and so on.  

Using our follow-up email feature, you can automatically send a custom message to your students the day after they've taken your class. Timing is everything, after all!


  1. Log in to your dashboard and go to Listings.
  2. Click on the listing where you want to create a follow-up email. TIP: If you have many listings, you can use the filters to find what you need.
  3. In the Listing Info tab, click on Advanced Settings to display the options. 
  4. Click on Enable Follow Up Email to start editing.
  5. In the space provided, craft your email. When you've composed your email, click on Done.
  6. Save your changes.

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