Did you create a Class Schedule for your multiple-session workshop and need to make some changes? Just follow these steps. 

(Do you need to create a new Class Schedule instead for your multiple-session workshop? Learn how.)


1. Go to "Listings Dates" (in Listing Management). 

2. Find the listing date that you wish to edit. TIP: If you have many listings, you can always use one or more filters to find the specific class.

Find it? Click on the pencil icon to start editing your listing date.

3. Make your changes. You can edit the following fields: 

  • Date
  • Start time
  • End time
  • No. of sessions
  • Frequency. Choose from Day, Week, Fortnight, and Month.
  • Class sessions. You can edit the dates and their respective start and end times.

4. Click on Done.

5. Save your changes.

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