If you're already using our Membership feature to grow your database, bet it's already saved you hours on your admin work. You can save even more time by setting up your membership form on your dashboard! (New to memberships? Learn how you can use them to increase your member base!) 

Use a combination of pre-defined booking fields and add a few of your own, to create a membership form that works perfectly for you. Maybe you can use this feature to replace your manual data collection process!

Using our membership booking fields:

  • You can select as many common form fields as you like from our list of pre-defined values. 
  • If you've already created custom booking fields for your listings, well done! See our PRO TIPS at the end of this resource.

But if you've never used custom booking fields, no worries! You can create them by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Add Custom Field". In the popup window, select the type of custom field that you wish to create. 
  2. Choose from multiple choice, yes/no, text field (long/short), checkbox, and date, and then follow the prompts. 
  3. Create as many custom fields as needed and then save your changes.


  • Once you've selected and/or created your custom booking fields, you can re-order them as needed. 
  • If you've ever created custom booking fields in one of your listings, you will see those in your list here. All you need to do is just toggle to enable them in your membership form. Learn more: How do I add/edit a custom field to my listing?
  • In turn, any custom booking field you create for your memberships will display as an existing option in your listings. No need to create them again!
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