Did you know: 57% of Australian shoppers abandon their online carts at least some of the time, or even all of the time! They leave their carts for different reasons, before checking out. (To learn more, read about creating an abandoned cart strategy on the WeTeachMe blog.) 

For you, abandoned carts could mean thousands in lost revenue! But worry no more about losing sales due to carts left unattended. WeTeachMe will help you recover potentially lost sales through a brand new feature: abandoned cart emails

We’ve been testing this new functionality on the marketplace in the last couple of months and already, we’ve seen a 15% increase in completed transactions between April 2018 and April 2019!

How abandoned cart emails work

A WeTeachMe customer starts the booking process on the class page, by entering their email address in the space provided and selecting the number of tickets they intend to buy. If they leave the site before checking out, we will send them an email no later than one hour after abandonment, in order to quickly get the customer back on track and on their way to making the purchase.

One hour after abandoning cart:

If a customer drops off before checking out, WeTeachMe will automatically send them the first automated email, reminding them that they’ve left something in their cart. 

24 hours after abandoning cart:

If they haven’t returned to their cart 24 hours from abandonment, we send them a second message. Here, we try to create a sense of urgency, especially if the class or workshop is about to sell out or if the date is coming up fast.

48 hours after abandoning cart:

If they still haven’t returned to their cart 48 hours from abandonment, a third and final follow-up email is sent on Day 3


  • Abandoned cart emails will go out to customers on both the WeTeachMe marketplace (weteachme.com) and your booking site. 
  • Your customers can opt out at any time to stop the email reminders.
  • If you wish to opt out from this free service, just send us an email or click on the chat icon below during business hours to talk to our Helpdesk Team. NOTE: Opting out will apply only to your booking site.
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