1. On your Dashboard, go to "Vouchers".
  2. Click on the "New Voucher" button.
  3. Select if you want a dollar value voucher or a course specific voucher.
  4. Enter the recipient details. Then click on "Done" and "Save & continue".
  5. Click the edit icon in the "Coupons & Price Adjustment (Optional)" section.
  6. Edit the price, if you want it to be at $0. If no price change is required, then leave it as it is. Click on "Save".
  7. Under Billing, enter the billing details, then select the payment option. Online: you have to enter their credit card details. Offline: cash at hand. Email: a payment link will be sent to the customer to pay for the price, via credit card online.
  8. Click on "Submit".

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