How can I check my sales on WeTeachMe?

On your main dashboard, you can get a quick view of your income in the Total Sales graph. 

This graph will show your total sales (green data points) and your income or net sales (blue data points), which represent your total sales less: booking fees. You can view the figures by month or other preferred period, or even by individual order. 

Are payments made through WeTeachMe safe?

Yes. WeTeachMe guarantees security of all payments through a 128 bit or greater secure socket layer (SSL).

How can I get my funds?

CLICK HERE to learn how fund releases work.

Why are some funds not showing in my account?

  • If you are NOT YET a WeTeachMe trusted vendor: Funds will be reflected in your account two hours after the class starts
  • If you created your own account on or after 22 August 2019: Funds are automatically sent to your nominated bank account seven (7) days after the class start date, BUT ONLY IF you have already: (a) verified your identity and (b) added your bank details.

When can I withdraw my funds?

Depending on your fund release schedule, WeTeachMe will process transfer requests in batches every Friday. You can withdraw up to four times within a 30-day period.

What is the security hold balance?

WeTeachMe reserves the right to earmark a security hold balance, in case one of your customers requests a refund. You will see this hold balance on your dashboard.

The amount of the security hold balance is set to the price of your maximum class price. This is to avoid cases in which a vendor is unable to process a refund due to insufficient funds, which then results in a negative experience for the customer.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the security hold balance.

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