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These how-to articles will help you hit the ground running:

As soon as you’ve published your draft, you’ll be ready to sell tickets! Follow these top tips to maximise your chances of getting bookings:

  • Promote on your Facebook Page. Update the call-to-action button on your Facebook page to “Book Now” and link it to your WeTeachMe profile or booking site. 
  • Promote on your Instagram Page. Add your WeTeachMe profile or booking site URL on your Instagram bio (or any other social channel bio). Make it easy for them to book!
  • Create social media events. Post your listings through Facebook Events, Instagram Stories, and other social channels.

If you created your own account on or after 22nd August 2019, here are some important reminders: 

  1. Verify your identity. If you skipped this step during the signup process, we encourage you to go back to the dashboard and take care of it straight away! IMPORTANT: The sooner you take care of this quick task, the better. Otherwise, your account will be put on hold, preventing you from accessing your funds and taking further bookings. (Learn more about verifying your identity.)
  2. Opting in/out your tickets. Your classes are automatically opted in to our Marketing Program if they have upcoming dates and active tickets. Tickets cannot be opted out.
  3. Fund releases.  Funds are automatically sent to your nominated bank account seven (7) days after the class start date, BUT ONLY IF you have (a) verified your identity (see #1) and (b) added your bank details.

If you need help at any point, please feel free to email support@weteachme.com. Or simply click on the chat button below to contact our Customer Support Team.

Happy Teaching!

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