1. Go to "Orders" (Under Finance).
  2. Locate the order by searching for the Billing name, Billing email or Order ID. You can use all of these search filters for faster search result.
  3. Click on the Order ID number to view the order.
  4. In the Order detail page, under "Cart Summary", click the 3 dotted line in the far right side of the section, which is "More Action". 
  5. Choose "Transfer Attendee" from the selection. 

Pro Tip:

 If the attendee's previous booking is under Pending status:        

  • When transferring a student under pending status, you should input the amount that the student owes under Transfer Charge. Unless, student pays offline during the transfer.
  • When transferring a student it is important to update first the status of the payment to avoid confusion.

    6. A pop-up will appear. Choose the Class, Date, Membership (if available) and Merchandise (optional) to transfer the attendee to. Enter a Transfer Charge if applicable. Then simply hit Transfer Attendee button to complete the transaction.

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